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October 22, 2012

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If you are anything like me you can get stuck doing worthless things for hours thinking you are being somehow being productive.

Here are a few things I get stuck doing that are ineffective to me succeeding.

  • Surfing on Facebook and seeing what everyone is doing
  • Surfing on Facebook some more
  • Reading forwarded e-mails that really mean nothing and realistically were probably fabricated in the first place
  • Reading the news about something about someone somewhere
  • Reading the highlights of a game on espn.com about a game I saw the night before

As you can tell a lot can distract me and if I do not focus I will get nothing done.  From what I can tell just about everyone has these same problems.

So what works for me is to write a list the night before so I can be laser focused right away in the morning.

  • First thing I do is I have to clear my e-mail inbox of which I erase about 90% of them so then I can not think about all the e-mails I need to read.  After I do that then I can start my day
  • Then I spend a few minutes in some specific marketing groups I belong to in Facebook where I can interact with other marketers but I have to limit my time in there because I could get stuck there for hours
  • Then after that I start to go down the list I made the night before and check the items off one by one as I complete them making the sure that the items are items that are moving me forward in my business and not meaningless tasks.
  • When I get those tasks done then I can connect with people on facebook and other platforms.

The main point to take away here is to not get stuck doing stuff that you think is productive when in reality it is not.  I think we all know what activities are not productive so lets put those activities to a minimum and start moving forward.

Lets try and get out of our comfort zones at least 3 times a day form our marketing activities.

By going out of our comfort zones we are trying new things which means the only way we can go from there is up.  Again I wrote about  this before “what are you so afraid of” all of the great success stories in history all had massive failures before succeeding.  So what are you waiting.  Go out and make a fool of yourself.  Everyone before you that succeeded did so why not you.

Till Next Time,


Jared Hager

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